About Us


Nova Trenda Company Limited is a leader in importing products for faucets, showers and bathtubs, saunas, showers.

And quality bathroom accessories at a price that meets a variety of customer needs And product design with modern design To truly meet the needs of customers around the world

Our products focus on development until received. Certificate and industry standard, TISI 2066-2552, TIS. 2067-2552

The company also focuses on promoting after-sales service. To provide customers with the highest satisfaction and convenience for customers always


We started this business in 1982, formerly known as Trenda Limited Partnership, as a competent importer of sanitary wares from all over the world, including Denmark, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and United States of America. Later in 1994, the name was changed to Nova Trenda Co.,Ltd. we started to expand our branches in other big cities in Thailand. We firstly started with Chiang Mai, the biggest city in the Northern part, then Chonburi, Rayong, Phuket and Hatyai, where these cities are well-known to all Thai and foreigners. More importantly, in 1996 we extended our contract into a leading home-shopping retailer, HomePro, and have been continuously expanding our services as HomePro expanded its branches. We have also provided our services and products with Boonthavorn all over Thailand.

In 2000, we created our qualified products, under the names of Novabath, and iSani. We started our own brands as we realized that consumers desire good quality products with reasonable price. Our products – including faucet set, toilet decorations, showers and more – have successfully met the international standards and have been awarded the TISI standards.

We have never stopped improving our standards of the products. Further in 2005, we settled our showroom and headquarter on Rama 3 Road. We believe that our services and products would keep developing to exceed consumer satisfaction, as well as, the public.

We can reassure that we are the leading sanitary wares importer. The products and services we provide are good quality are also affordable. Not only quality that matters to us, but creativity is also taken into account to produce such well-designed products that will definitely provide satisfaction to our consumers. Nova Trenda willingly serves you with our intention to improve your future.